About EACM

EACM was founded and register under Thai law on 21 December 2016 by retired psychotherapist Keiko Samuels in Chiangmai Thailand. The purpose is to provide brain training for society’s most vulnerable and marginalized children to stay in school and become productive adults. Children served by EACM may come from undocumented hilltribe families, orphanages, and referrals from child protection and social services agencies 

EACM uses NeurOptimal neurofeedback equipment and techniques which works directly with the brain to increase IQ, attention, and memory, which leads to improved reading ability and comprehension. The more children can read with ease, the more likely they are to stay in school and become productive adults.

About Keiko Samuels, Director EACM

Keiko Samuels, born in Tokyo, Japan, is a retired psychotherapist who practiced in California for 30 years. She started working with autistic and ADHD children in Chiang Mai, Thailand six years ago using NeurOptimal neurofeedback. She is certified by the Zengar Institute to operate and train other on NeuroOptimal equipment.

Knowing how crucial early childhood intervention is when working with the brain development, she has focused her work on preschool and elementary school age children.
Keiko lives in Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand with her husband Carl Samuels.
EACM Foundation
Email: keiko2eacm@gmail.com
Tel: 085-0418109 (Eng), 062-4423299 (Thai)
Line ID: eacmthailand
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